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The official website of NFL | Rodgers: I have to do a good job with the Seahawks game for | football don't expect the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) a lot of training in the League of nations next week before the finals, because he strained a calf muscle in today after the battle with the Dallas Cowboys had signs of further aggravated. But strong Rodgers said he has done with the Seattle Seahawks 60 minutes to get ready to duel, in the Super Bowl in another 60 minutes to. Rodgers didn't train in last week. He didn't have a simple recovery exercise until last Thursday. His main job last week is to receive leg treatment, even acupuncture. He once said it was difficult to fully recover in the game and now it looks like he's going to Resay it again. Rodgers said, "I really appr cheap nfl jerseys free shipping eciate our training team. They put a lot of energy on me last week, which is the biggest reason why I can come on stage. In fact, the start of the game for Rodgers is not smooth, the first half of the match he was only 90 yards, 1 touchdowns, but in the second half Rodgers firepower, with 317 yards and 3 touchdowns to complete the game.Baseball |MLB launches the club's special label! Coin collector can pay attention to it all 30 teams label a list of Beijing on July 15th news, as one of the four major U.S. occupation Sports League, MLB (MLB) is the highest level of North American Professional Baseball League, in recent years Chinese attention gradually, and recently with the NGC and MLB cooperation, and coin collection baseball is more closely linked together. , according to NGC's official website, has reached an agreement with the MLB alliance to formally launch a special label for all MLB Baseball Clubs. In such a special label in addition to MLB official website Logo, will also have different team logos and names provided. NGC officials say that all 30 teams can be selected at the moment, and such a special benefit will undoubtedly be the first choice for MLB fans. According to the MLB label, NGC also made a special note, apply special tags, the applicant must fill in the information on the team, each team must submit a separate form, that is to say if you have 2 coins to choose 2 different teams labels must be submitted in two different forms. At the same time, NGC will receive a MLB exclusive card for every customer who applies for MLB special label, and each card will have its own serial number, which also has a certain collection function. maybe some people don't know much about MLB. MLB is the highest professional baseball league in North America. There are 30 teams in the league. The 15 teams belong to the National League, and the 15 is the American League. Two according to the American geographical area of the union is divided into three districts, district champion and besides division championship team record the best team, the wild card (Wild Card) may participate in the playoffs. The most famous team in China is not the New York Yankee, and it is believed that many people can recognize the logo of the Yankees NY even if they have not seen the MLB. for the new label, also asked the chief of the NGC Asia Business Development Director Zhao Zhenyang (Metro), he said that the current MLB label is mainly aimed at the United States, if the coin collectors China area have more need special labels such that they can apply to the United States NGC. (content from "the chief collection network")me football equipment network with the classic style to the interpretation of the traditional, the new Nike international Milan away in celebration of Inter have victory at the same time, through the horizontal stripes of black chest logo two colors, brought a modern shirt. the Jersey looks back on the unforgettable historic season 25 years ago (the 1990-91 season). In this season, inter won the first European Cup and achieved unprecedented success in the tournament. In 7 years, inter had three top Champions League crowns, except for the 1990-91 season, and the 1993-94 and 1997-98 seasons. Using the high performance

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