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even-even soccer equipment network England League Cup Premiership leaders Manchester and championship leaders wolves encounter goalless in 120 minutes, the final penalty shootout in the final with Manchester City Bravo magical play to win the game. Compared to the peaceful competition, Guardiola Tucao Cara's Mitre game ball after the game, and directly said: "in the League Cup such a level of competition, such a football is a disaster." the Carling Cup Official ball provider is a veteran British sports company Mitre, Cara Bao sponsorship, but Guardiola expressed doubts, think this is not up to the top level football. Guardiola said, "we played a lot of football brand, Nike also has the Adidas, but the League Cup Official ball is a different brand. I am doubtful about the professional level of the ball, and it is not suita cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ble for such a high level game. It's good that we won the game, and if we lose, I can't comment on the game because I'm looking for an excuse for the loss in the eyes of others. But I still have to say, I really can't accept the football. " coincidentally, Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure today also criticized the Cara treasure Cup Official ball, said that the ball is a waste (rubbish), even more than the world cup in South Africa Jabulani more notorious repute.Losangeles ram's Troy Hill (Troy Hill) will be absent from the first 2 games of the team's new season. on Monday, the NFL official announced that Hill would be suspended for 2 matches in violation of the drug abuse regulations. , the 25 year old Hill, first started 4 games for the goats last season, completed 38 grappling and 2 break passes. Many people Hill is expected to be on the defensive coordinator Wade - Phillips (Wade Philips) had better play, but because of suspension, according to the habit of Wade he will not easily let people have no opportunity to participate in the team competition gives priority to the off-season opportunities, that is to say, Wade hope that their players are very familiar with their own system to have a chance to play.before the opening of the Indianapolis pony and the new England patriot's Champions league tournament, ESPN Adam Adam Schefter reported that pony plans to provide a big contract for the quarterback Andrew LAK (Andrew Luck). According to , the new contract will make it the highest paid player in the league, with an average annual salary of up to $25 million. But team owner Jim Ilse (Jim Irsay) did not want to talk about the contract after 7-45 of the team's negative patriots. "I'm not going to discuss Andrew's contract," Ilse told ESPN. "This is really not what I care about the most. He has just finished his third season. His new rookie contract lasted 5 years, so I repeat it is no longer my consideration. " , the regular season pass 616 times 380 times (success rate 61.7%), 4761 yards and 40 touchdowns 16 passes by steals. But he played poorly in the patriot's Champions League match. He only scored 12 times in the 33 pass, and the success rate was 36.4%. He got 126 yards and missed the pass, and there were 2 passes. lark didn't sign the new contract until the alliance entered the new year in March 10th, so there is a lot of time for Ilse to raise this matter to his top priority. In this case, when Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) worked for a pony, the pony had not negotiated a new contract until his contract expired. So it may take more time to hear the rumour of a pony and the cornerstone of the team. Lak will be in the fourth year of the 5 - year rookie contract in the 2015 season. And this year the team will choose whether to carry out his 2016 season's team options contract.[Photo] Hubei old bowling tournament in October, high rock defending | Bowling the morning of October 14th, the Hubei old bowling tournament held in Hubei in October, the old bowling training base of Hubei University, bowling hall, more than 20 old friends of the ball in the game, the former vice governor of Hubei province Gao Ruike won the first prize, 80 year old former deputy secretary of Hubei Zhong Qiao was the second book, Wu Shilin was the third. high REO and Zhong Shu Qiao

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