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|2014 national handball handball Super Cup win Jiangsu Tianjin win | hand Co the 2014 National Men's handball Super Cup was brought to a curtain in Suzhou sports school. ???????????????????????????????????????????1?????1?????????????????? In the final of the crown runner up, the Jiangsu team finally won the championship with 31:21 to win the Tianjin team, and the Tianjin team won the second place. The fifth and sixth names were Shanghai and Beijing.The official website of NFL | Oregon cornerback knee can get compensation from out of school | football Oregon cornerback IFO - AIKE (Ifo Ekpre-Olomu) - Olum Puri is a have a round draft level player, but he recently suffered a serious knee injury which forced him to launch a college football playoff and a direct impact on next year's draft before the king he. But in early in the season before he made a wise m cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ove: if he was elected in the General Assembly on the draft will be hidden University of Oregon receive compensation of $3 million. ESPN reported, University of Oregon to IFO on a losing compensation insurance. At present, more and more schools are taking this way to ensure that their high level players are able to do their best to play for themselves. The of this policy would fall out of the first round of the Ifo in time to give him some compensation, with round after the shift will increase the compensation, if he slipped out of the third international will get $3 million in compensation. Offensive tackle Cedric Aug Buhai of Dezhou A & M (Cedric Ogbuehi) from the school received compensation similar to this, they can ensure intentnesses for school effectiveness.NFL team owners agreed with the competition committee's proposal for the 2015 season of the season. NFL announced that kickball won the additional score from 15 yards, while the 2 - point conversion was still on the 2 - yard line. The new rules also enable the defensive team to rely on the return of the ball back to reach 2 points. According to this rule change, if the defensive group closures the additional points, after the attack, after the attack or the attack attack 2 points conversion (for example, the intercept) obtains the touchdown, they will get 2 points. In the previous rule, this only means that the offense has an additional attempt to fail. NFL Dean, a vice president of the referee's work, Dean Blandino Brandi said that if the team had fouls on the attempt of additional points, they could change their choices. For example, if a team chooses the 2 - point conversion result in the process of offensive offense, they can then try to rely on a kick to get 1 points. The new rules that team owners have passed by 30-2 votes are one of the 3 proposals to be discussed at the NFL spring alliance meeting on Tuesday. The owners also considered the scheme proposed by the new England patriots, which were similar to the scheme passed, but the defensive team was unable to score. The scheme proposed by the Philadelphia hawk hopes to play an additional kick at 15 yards and make a 2 - point conversion at 1 yards. NFL has been thinking about modifying additional sub rules, and they want to make additional points more difficult to be more entertaining to the audience. The latest change may be the first step in a series of changes in the next few years.The official website of NFL | ray Rice attended the controversial | football game alma mater ray Rice where, the dispute will go. The NFL's discredited star player has been watching Saturday's match at her mother's Xinluo Schell high school. Rice visited the school. But things will never be so simple, at least for Rice, because he was the star of the Baltimore Raven. Here is the view from all sides about whether Rice can visit the school. USA TODAY News Network said that if Rice's high school uniform was dropped from the honor wall, his high school coach would choose to resign. TalkoftheSound said: according to the school principal in the blog's speech, President Rice is not willing to appear on the day of the game, but the manager Luo Dirui (Lou DiRienzo) - from invited Rice and hugged him and his family. Xinluo president Raj Richardson Schell (Reggie Richardson) on Rice's visit to answer: I don't know how to comment on the fact is, even if we agree that his behavior is useless, but we must recognize that one point is, here is his home, Rochelle is his new home.

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