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- Smith Lowe (Lovie Smith) in charge of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for two years after being fired. co chairman Joel - Glazer Pirates (Joel Glazer) said in a statement late Wednesday announced the dismissal of Smith: "after careful consideration, we have decided to make a change we notice". I want to thank Lowe during his hard work and devotion to the team. This decision is difficult in many ways. I'm very disappointed that in the past few seasons, we haven't been more successful, but we are committed to doing the necessary things to bring the fans to the championship team they deserve. In future work, general manager Jason Richter (Jason Licht) will be responsible for finding the next manager work." is obviously one of the most surprising changes of all NFL team coaches this week. only a month ago, the pirate fans also thought Smith would be a black horse in the competition for the best coach of the year in NFL. In the four rookie quarterback Jay Winston (Jameis Winston) - "under the leadership of Smith, but also to let the pirates 6 wins and 6 losses in the wild card playoff competition. is the pirates in the last month of colla cheap nfl jerseys free shipping pse, they record four successive defeats so that they become the League of nations, the first five consecutive season ranked division teams at the bottom. Smith eventually left the team 8 to 24 in the two season of the pirates. because of the pirate attack showed a lot of potential, but they are unlikely to let Winston again in a new offensive system, coupled with the team's offensive coordinator Dirk Cote (Dirk Koetter) is the other team pursuit, this makes it natural doubt let Richter make this decision may lose kurt. Richter will launch a thorough search of work in the coach, there will be more than coach candidates released next week. While Kurt in Xuanshuai after work really will be promoted to manager are worthy of attention.The Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) suffered a torn Achilles tendon. The injury brought him to the end of the 2017 season, but he has been preparing for the 2018 season. according to ESPN reporter's news, Sherman has just completed the Achilles tendon operation, and Sherman sends a message, "Bob Anderson (Bob Anderson) helps me finish the operation in Green Bay." and when the team Monday night against the Atlanta falcons game, the Seahawks will be over the past 2500 days for the first time without Sherman in the squad. Sherman is entering the League since 2011 has been an important part of the second tier Seahawks defense, a maker of opponent trouble, his absence will be huge losses to the Seahawks defensive. and the good news is that Sherman has begun to recover.2014 Harbin fire Feng century bowling 8 match winning bowling | Shu month CpBA occupation League news: . 2014 Harbin fire Feng century bowling 8 month end game tonight, 5 yuan up 1127 points to win the championship, Huang Chuantao 1106 points runner up, 1103 runner up well Yang chuan! The August champion Shu Yuanin the day of the news, the Carolina Panther made the most unexpected news. The Panther retracted the privileged label to Josh - Norman (Josh Norman) shockingly Wednesday. Norman immediately became a non restrictive free player. , after a series of discussions with Josh's agent, we realized that we couldn't grow up, "Dave Gettleman, general manager, said in a statement." Dave, " "We have decided to withdraw the privilege label and let Josh be a free player immediately. We thank Josh for his contribution and sincerely wish him the best. " did not accept the interview after the announcement of the news. "I don't want to discuss this right now," Norman told the The Associated Press. in the Hetman throughout the offseason have insisted that he does not want to "other teams" pick in the draft and training of players after the decision beyond all expectations. The Panther is going to lose Norman now. And the revocation of the privilege tag before the draft is an unprecedented don't expect Norman to become a free player for too long. Someone who knows the matter told NFL official website Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) that after the announcement of the decision by the black panther, the team contacted Norman within an hour. 's original privileged label contract could make Norman earn $13 million 952 thousand, but Norman might try to be the top salary guard in the league. Daryl Weiss (Darrelle Revis) is currently the highest paid corner guard in the league. He signed a contract worth 70 million 100 thousand dollars last year, which includes 39 million dollars to secure revenue. The contract value of Patrick - Peterson (Patrick Peterson) is $70 million including $48 million in security income. The Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) contract renewal contract was worth $56 million in 2014, including $40 million. Norman wants the same salary as Lives, and the Panther obviously disagrees that Norman should get such a contract. if the Panther never gave Norman a privileged label, Norman would have become one of the most chased players in the free player market. In many corner guard teams -- Jacksonville Jaguar, San Francisco 49 people -- still have enough salary space, Norman will still get a big contract. It is not known whether there will be a high enough bid at the end of the April to make him the highest paid horns in the league. Norman will be the sixth player to join the new team that season after the best squad. In the previous five, only Duhem - Saunders was in the best squad for the first season to join the new team. Although can't grow up, most teams will stay at least one year for the best squad. However, the official website of NFL reporter Geoff Darlington (Jeff Da〉

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